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Welcome to The Ukulele Society of Great Britain

Our Mission
The Ukulele Society of Great Britain exists to establish and promote an interest in the playing of the ukulele and ukulele banjo in all their various styles and methods of presentation.

Since its formation in 1970, the USGB has worked to actively encourage the development of ukulele skills. We use a number of methods to pursue this objective, some of which are mentioned below. The Society is always looking for new ideas about how it can better promote the ukulele.


The Society has two conventions every year, in April and October, which are open to members and non-members. The conventions are held in Digswell, just outside Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire, and normally run from 10:30 am to 7:00 pm. [Conventions]

Ukulele Band of the Year Contest

Starting in 2019, the Society is running an annual contest to find the Ukulele Band of the Year, which is open to all U.K. based local amateur ukulele groups. Full details can be found at [Band of the Year].

The Syncopator Magazine

Twice a year, the USGB publishes its own magazine called "The Syncopator". This is sent to all members of the Society and includes an eclectic mix of articles, features, reviews and much more. [The Syncopator]

Social Media

The USGB has its own Facebook page [FaceBook ] in which members (many of them very skilled) post videos and tutorials as well as some interesting discussions, and its own YouTube channel [YouTube ] with videos of memorable performances from past USGB Conventions.


The core of the Society is its membership. To join the Society, go to the Membership page. [Membership]


Change in Membership Year (19 Sept 2019)

Historically, we have had a membership year running from 1st April to 31st March. This meant that people joining halfway through the year would only get six months membership for their money. We have now changed this so that all members will get a full 12 month membership from the date that they join or renew their membership.

News: New Committee Appointments (27 Jul 2019)

Following the demise of our president, Malcolm Atkins, in April, the committee has made the following new appointments:-

Malcolm Marsh moves from his current position as Vice-President to become the new President of the Ukulele Society of Great Britain.

Andy Eastwood moves from his position as Chief Publicity Officer to become the new Vice-President of the Society.

Our congratulations to Malcolm and to Andy.

Additionally, the vacant post of Secretary has been filled by James Spencer who will also retain his responsibilities as editor of The Syncopator and as web master.

Obituary: USGB President Malcolm Atkins (16 April 2019)

image of Malcolm Atkins

It is with great regret that we have to announce that Malcolm Atkins, President of the Ukulele Society of Great Britain, passed away on Monday evening, 15th April.

Malcolm joined the USGB in 1973 and over the years occupied the positions of Secretary, Treasurer, Editor and Chairman, and for many years Vice President to the legendary Billy Uke Scott.

He studied ukulele and Hawaiian steel guitar with jazz guitarist and broadcaster Jack Toogood and always used to say that he played solo ukulele for eight years before he plucked up the courage to add vocals. Malcolm was also a friendly member of the Grand Order of Water Rats, being a committee member in Weston Super Mare for over two years.

Since his retirement as a publican, Malcolm has played with the Ukulele Funhouse Orchestra, entertaining the elderly in a radius of some 50 miles around Bristol.

Thanks, Malcolm, for all your work for the USGB. Rest now in Peace.

News: USGB Ukulele Band of the Year Contest (6 Feb 2019)

Band of the Year Winner image This year the Society is starting an annual contest to find the top ukulele band in the United Kingdom. The contest is open to all amateur local groups and, in 2019, the judges will be:- [Contest Details]